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Bikers Slacking On Motorcycle Safety Course Requirement In Three States

A survey conducted by the American Automobile Association reveals a disturbing fact. One-third of motorcycle riders in states which require them (and also happen to have the highest rates of motorcycle accidents) have not completed a safety education course. The course completion has been required by law for more than three years in Georgia, Florida […]

Insurance Settlement Means Cash Back for Massachusetts Bikers

If you ride a motorcycle in Massachusetts, you’ve got some good news – and some American Cash Money – coming from your insurance company. According to The Man in Massachusetts, motorcycle owners may have been overcharged by insurance companies in their fair state and you might have some gas money coming in the form of […]

Killjoy Mining Issues Ruining Fun at Bonneville Salt Flats?

The BlueRibbon Commission is trying to make sure that the Bonneville Salt Flats stay salty, and the group is leaning on the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to keep their end of the bargain to protect the iconic motor racing destination around for a few more decades. Over the last few years, the Bonneville Salt […]

How Green Is Your Motorcycle or Scooter? Myth Busted?

We take for granted the fact that, by virtue of their lower fuel consumption, motorcycles are “greener” than cars, but it seems it all depends on how – or where – you look at it. Scooter-piloting townies will be appalled as they sip their half-caff lattes now that a  study conducted for a recent episode […]

Twenty Truly Wacky Motorcycles You'll Never Own

Whether it’s the bike with the Rolls-Royce V-12, a fully electric bike that does the quarter mile in 7.8 seconds, or a bike that gets an economical 25 mpg at 250 mph, here are the twenty craziest motorcycles ever to hit the road. You can cook on them, and some of them even let you […]

Brothers and Speed Freaks Assault Bonneville on Their Classic Triumphs

Tyler and Kyle Malinky are brothers in pure speed. The pair spent the last year assembling and tweaking two vintage Triumph motorcycles that they raced at Bonneville Salt Flat Speed Week in Bonneville, Utah. Tyler and Kyle are the majordomos at Lowbrow Customs, in Medina, an Internet-based retailer that specializes in parts and accessories for […]