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Motorcycle Insurance Is Your Shield Against a Cold, Hard World

Driving an uninsured vehicle in the United States is punishable by – depending on where you live – anything from a relatively small fine to a nice little jolt in prison. In some states, if you can’t prove that you have insurance if you’re pulled over by the police, you might get your license revoked […]

Are Motorcyclists Environmental Criminals

The “MythBusters, ”  yeah, the guys with the world’s best job, are taking some flak after their  program recently investigated the idea that emissions from motorcycle tailpipes are less damaging to the environment than the emissions from cars. The “Bike vs. Car” episode of the show aired on September 28,  and since then, the emissions […]

The Safest Times of the Day And Days of the Week To Ride Your Motorcycle

What do the numbers say? Well, they should indicate to you that riding while there are lots of commuters on the road is a damn good time to keep your antennae up and stay focused. It seems the most likely times to be involved in something dangerous while you’re riding your bike are the times […]

Bike Find of the Day – The Lito Sora Electric Superbike

Without a clutch and generating incredible torque, the Lito Sora superbike also happens to be sort of, well, excellent looking. Kind of a bobber on CAD steroids On one of these babies, you can get from 0-125 miles-an-hour in a mind-blowing time, and sporting a full charge which lasts nearly 300 miles, this thing is […]

The Dirty Lowdown on Buying Motorcycle Insurance – Some Tips and Tricks

What are some of the more common questions we get here at We thought we’d give you a little rundown of those to help out when it comes time to buy insurance for your bike. What is the average cost for motorcycle insurance? Tough one. It’s a lot like asking, “what’s the average cost […]

Bad Weather Is The Least of Your Worries When You Ride Your Bike

The recent bad weather around these parts always served to reminded me that riding is a dangerous proposition and bikers are even more vulnerable at night. Throw in a little rain – particularly if you live in an urban area and commute by motorcycle – and you’ve got a recipe for road rash. When are […]