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Will Michigan Change the Rules in the Middle of the Game? No Fault Insurance Laws Under Fire For Motorcyclists

Motorcycle insurance costs are rising dramatically, and in Michigan, residents pay far more than motorists in nearby states. Michigan riders have had the luxury since 1973 of having unlimited medical coverage as a result of the No Fault Insurance Law, but the chickens may be coming home to roost, as it were, and those days […]

The Safest Times of the Day And Days of the Week To Ride Your Motorcycle

What do the numbers say? Well, they should indicate to you that riding while there are lots of commuters on the road is a damn good time to keep your antennae up and stay focused. It seems the most likely times to be involved in something dangerous while you’re riding your bike are the times […]

The Dirty Lowdown on Buying Motorcycle Insurance – Some Tips and Tricks

What are some of the more common questions we get here at We thought we’d give you a little rundown of those to help out when it comes time to buy insurance for your bike. What is the average cost for motorcycle insurance? Tough one. It’s a lot like asking, “what’s the average cost […]

Bad Weather Is The Least of Your Worries When You Ride Your Bike

The recent bad weather around these parts always served to reminded me that riding is a dangerous proposition and bikers are even more vulnerable at night. Throw in a little rain – particularly if you live in an urban area and commute by motorcycle – and you’ve got a recipe for road rash. When are […]

Will New Road Sign Design Cut Motorcycle Accident Numbers?

“About 25 percent of all auto-motorcycle accidents occur in intersections,” said Roger Francis of Allstate Insurance. Motorcyclists in Denver, CO. are about to serve as “guinea pigs” of sorts when that city tests a new set of signs aimed at educating motorists. Intersections can be one of the most dangerous places for motorcyclists. Now the […]

Fall Motorcycling Skills for Midwest Riders From

In the Midwest, our weather means the end of the riding season is approaching fast, and as the weather changes, serious riders need to know how to deal with the varying road conditions they’re going to face in the coming weeks. To that end, we want to make sure you’re ready for the season and […]