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Motorcycle Insurance Is Your Shield Against a Cold, Hard World

Driving an uninsured vehicle in the United States is punishable by – depending on where you live – anything from a relatively small fine to a nice little jolt in prison. In some states, if you can’t prove that you have insurance if you’re pulled over by the police, you might get your license revoked […]

Knowledge Is Power – It Will Get Increasingly More Dangerous to Ride Your Bike So Know the Score

Do the right thing; educate and protect yourself and your family from an unfortunate incident and take the time to enroll in a rider safety course. This infographic ought to provide you with some food for thought when it comes to making clear-headed decisions about the risks you face riding your motorcycle – or for […]

Will Michigan Change the Rules in the Middle of the Game? No Fault Insurance Laws Under Fire For Motorcyclists

Motorcycle insurance costs are rising dramatically, and in Michigan, residents pay far more than motorists in nearby states. Michigan riders have had the luxury since 1973 of having unlimited medical coverage as a result of the No Fault Insurance Law, but the chickens may be coming home to roost, as it were, and those days […]

Has the Electric Motorcycle Gotten A Foothold in the Market?

The rest of the world, and particularly those in Asian countries,  have embraced two-wheeled transportation, and it remains to be seen if  consumers in North America and Europe will follow suit. High fuel costs, customer perception, and government incentives are all contributing to a growing demand for electric  motorcycles and scooters. In areas where the […]

Nevada Cops Sued Over Helmet Law Enforcement

A dozen bikers have sued Clark County, Nev., over enforcement of the state’s helmet law, and the group is seeking class action status for their case. In a suit was filed this week in U.S. District Court against the county – and five cities within Clark County: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Mesquite and […]

The Safest Times of the Day And Days of the Week To Ride Your Motorcycle

What do the numbers say? Well, they should indicate to you that riding while there are lots of commuters on the road is a damn good time to keep your antennae up and stay focused. It seems the most likely times to be involved in something dangerous while you’re riding your bike are the times […]