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Classic Board Track Racing

During the years between 1910 and the end of the 1920s, thrill-seeking motorcycle riders from rough-hewn roots converged on circular or oval race courses built from planks of “green lumber”. This type of track, often enormous and bracketed by grandstands filled with yowling, well-lubricated fans, was often called a motordrome. Less sanguine scribes of the […] and

This Is How Much I Believe You’ll Like My Photography I am certifiably insane… Since I miss the work of creating great photos, the vision and collaboration involved, I’m trying something new. Call it ‘Pay For Play.’ You book a shoot, we do the work, then you pay what your conscience dictates and your pocketbook […]

Quarter Million Dollar Dream – Motorcycle Find of the Day

What if you found Elvis Presley’s motorcycle in a crate in the back of your garage? Do you keep it? Pimp it on ebay? Get out the wrenches, assemble that sucker and take off looking for adventure and Barbara Stanwyck? Dan Maxey had that problem. Maxey found what is surely the only 1967 Honda 305 […]

Take A Ride With the Fastest Man on the Mountain

Spend five minutes with one of the Isle of Man TT’s all-time greats. John McGuinness talks about how he runs the treacherous TT course and what’s going through his nimble mind – on the way to yet another victory. Hang on tight as you’re about to ride along with fastest ever man around the Isle […]

Revenge Run

It’s a yearning that’s been around as long as there have been motorcycles; the urge to roll up a sleeping bag and hit the highway with your pals on an epic journey across America. There’s just something about riding with the wind whistling past you, the sound of your bike thumping and the sights and […]

A Hot and Spicy Motorcycle Ad

This is an oldy but goody from the Ad Guys responsible for an ever-expanding skein of Old Spice ‘viral’ ads currently featuring impossibly ripped, shirtless pitchman Isaiah Mustafa. This one is a killer because, well, it features a motorcycle theme, and we love anything which features a motorcycle theme. What could be better than a […]