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Captain Zig-Zag the Zouave

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Apprentice For A Flop

Have a Coke and a Smile. This guy, the majordomo of B15 Rod and Custom, has achieved a perfection I once aspired to my own self, but now see as folly given my character traits. I am considering asking if he’ll take me on as an apprentice – if he’ll let me flop in the […]

I Was Out Riding In the Rain and Found Nirvana On Earth

B15 Rod and Custom is so far under the radar that a Stealth Bomber puts off a bigger signature. It may not have a high profile, but to me, standing in a light rain as I stopped for a smoke after riding a couple hundred miles, it looked like the Garden of Allah to a […]

You Meet the Nicest People On a Honda

Photo by Todd Halterman, Grey Advertising, at the time a major player in the U.S. ad game, came up with a campaign anchored by the catchy slogan, “You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda,” and it was peopled by an unlikely array of “bikers” such as housewives, a parent and child, young couples […]

The Craigslist Cannonballer

Buy pre-1930 Indian Scout 101 motorcycle on Craigslist. Wrench it with your pals. Ride it across America during the Motorcycle Cannonball 2013. That’s what this guy did… Photo copyright, Todd Halterman Related posts: You Meet the Nicest People On a Honda The Things You See Out Riding – Cannonball The Bogie Rick Salazar’s Dad […]

Classic Lines

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