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A Historical Timeline of the Harley Davidson Motor Company

In 1903 Harley and Arthur Davidson build the first production Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 1903. It features a a 116cc engine working from a 10 x 15-foot shed on Chestnut Street in Milwaukee. That’s still the address of Harley-Davidson’s corporate office.

Scaled Down Indian Thunderstroke From Glynn Kerr Motorcycle Design

Indian Motorcycle needs to take a hard look at this design. After all, Indians used to be hot, stripped down machines for hard riders. Note to Polaris: The world doesn’t need more Harleys, it needs an American-made alternative a working man can afford. And it needs to go fast and take corners at speed. Just […]

The Man Who Saved Harley Davidson – And Your Spine

Missourian Jim Schmig was on hand for one of the most important developments in motorcycling history. “I was cruising down St. Charles Rock Road around St. Louis one day in 1977, and I saw the most unusual Harley frame,” Schmig said. “I stopped at a bike shop, it was called Osborne’s. I asked the cat […]

Want To Thoroughly Test An Electric Motorcycle? Hand It Over the Coppers

Electric motorcycle manufacturer, Brammo Inc., wants to know how much abuse their forward-looking electric machines can take. So what are they doing to find out? Looking for police departments to beat the living snot out of them. In the past, the standard choice of a motorcycle for American police departments was a large, heavy machine. […]

Slim Builds All Kinds of Bikes And They're All Slick As A Gut

There aren’t too many mad dogs left in the world like Slim of Slimsfab. Slim goes his own way when it comes to building a motorcycle, and the way he goes is righteous in the extreme. Not one to get stuck in a rut building Harley-only customs, Slim will take on whatever bike suits his […]

An Old School Harley You Can Ride – Motorcycle Find of the Day

Charlie Stockwell designs and builds custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles for Warr’s Harley-Davidson in London, England. Stockwell has been behind the cool bikes coming out of Warr’s since 1996. My aim was and and still is to bring together and celebrate the creative culture and lifestyle in hand built custom motorcycles. Japanese clothing maker Evisu commissioned Stockwell […]