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Category Archives: Motorcycle Theft

Used Motorcycle Sales Scams And How To Avoid Falling For Them

This week a man in Nashville, Tenn. was taken to the hoosegow after authorities caught him – and an accomplice – stealing several motorcycles from sellers who had advertised on Craigslist.  To further complicate matters, some of the buyers who bought the bikes from the thieves then resold the bikes. One Jerry Pinkerton finds himself […]

Frankie Goes To Ireland – Stunning Motorcycle Road Racing Video

Motorcycle road racing is, without doubt, the most photogenic of all motor sports. None of that mind-numbing oval racing here, folks. With road racing, you get incredibly varied on-board footage from a rider’s perspective, the complete sensation of speed and some of the most compelling aerial camera tracking shots imaginable. Whether it’s the Isle of […]

Motorcycles Are Cheap On Gas and Cheap On the Insurance Bill

Motorcycle insurance rates can seem outrageously high. But they’re not. Though motorcyclists are considerably more vulnerable to injury and accidents than cagers, they ride less miles and spend less on gas, so at least there’s that… Insurance requirements vary from state to state, and premiums are affected by a variety of risk factors. The list? […]

Huge Bust Hauls in 33 Motorcycle Thieves in New York

New York Motorcycle Theft Ring – Gone in 30 Seconds A sophisticated gang of motorcycle thieves specialized in grabbing high-dollar motorcycles from some of the best neighborhoods in New York City, but their lucrative theft and smuggling scheme ended this week according to the authorities. The gang sent out “steal teams” in stolen minivans to […]

The Motorcycle Thief

Scott Veretto just likes stealing motorcycles. But it looks like his passion has come to a screeching halt. Veretto, 32, was recently nabbed trying to collect a stolen motorcycle he’d left in a parking lot, at least according to the police. New Mexico detectives say they were monitoring Veretto at the time and called him […]

How and Why the Pros Steal Your Motorcycle A Thief Tells You His Secrets

If you’ve ever had something of yours stolen, you know the feeling. You get pissed, you feel vulnerable and violated, you want quick, hot, brutal revenge of the kind only a pair of pliers and a ball peen hammer can provide. You want to “get medieval” on whoever laid their filthy paws on your stuff. […]