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Tips To Win Big At the Motorcycle Insurance Game

If you’re considering the purchase of a motorcycle, we’ll offer you this set of tips to help you limit the cost of buying motorcycle insurance. Free of charge to you, riding brothers and sisters: Use the Internet. The competition among insurance companies is much higher online and thus rates are lower. You can always use […]

Don't Look Away From the Road ZX-10 Rider Hits A Trailer Video

Not for the faint of heart. This is why you need insurance. As my grandma used to say, he went “ass over teakettle.” One moment of looking away from what you’re doing while you’re riding a motorcycle and you’re taking the asphalt massage. Kawasaki ZX-10 Hits A Trailer Dead On Out for a group ride. […]

6 Top Tips for Proper Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

If you’re involved in an accident – and it’s ruled that the accident is your fault – it’s very possible that you’ll be held responsible for any property damage and medical costs incurred by those involved in the accident. And that’s why you need what’s called “liability” insurance. If you (or, for that matter, anyone […]

Nineteen Hells Angels Busted in North and South Carolina Gun and Drug Sweep

The Powers That Be say they have arrested 19 people on gun and drug charges in the Carolinas who are either members or associates of the Hells Angels motorcycle club. U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles says the suspects are from North and South Carolina and that they were arrested as part of a two-year investigation into […]

Should Anti-Helmet Law Lobby Groups Seek to Silence the Helmet Law Critics Entirely

While traveling on American roads has become safer today than at any point in the past five decades,  one group has been left behind: motorcyclists. Some 4,500 die every year in crashes, and that hit home hard here in Michigan in the last couple of weeks. It should be noted that all the riders involved […]

Do Something Positive For Your Fellow Riders and Sign This Petition

If you check us out once in awhile, you know our take on the heinous, unconstitutional practice that is the “motorcycle only checkpoint.” In a nutshell, the motorcycle only checkpoint is a road stop set up purely to harass motorcyclists under the thinly-veiled pretext of undertaking “safety” inspections by the authorities. Cagers get a pass, […]