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The Perfect Traveling Motorcycle Tool Kit From Cruz

This sucker will keep you going down the road in an emergency. And the soft case keeps it from rattling like hell in your bags. There’s also room to wrap some tape and zip ties inside. Dig it.

A Man Needs A Switchblade Knife

A man needs a switchblade knife. This is the one I carry. Cheap and effective…and seven American Dollars.

Old School Head Protection

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The Man Who Saved Harley Davidson – And Your Spine

Missourian Jim Schmig was on hand for one of the most important developments in motorcycling history. “I was cruising down St. Charles Rock Road around St. Louis one day in 1977, and I saw the most unusual Harley frame,” Schmig said. “I stopped at a bike shop, it was called Osborne’s. I asked the cat […]

A Motorcycle Wheel That Runs Like A Swiss Watch

This piece of awesome, the Involution from what was once Capricorn Cyclo-Works, was art and science and craftsmanship taken to the next level. While you’ll never see one in the parking lot at your local bike night, it remains a demonstration of what people with a vision can do. Capricorn co-founder Ro Lehew: “The wheel […]

The Buell Graveyard – A Horror Story

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