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Super Scooter!

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Want To Thoroughly Test An Electric Motorcycle? Hand It Over the Coppers

Electric motorcycle manufacturer, Brammo Inc., wants to know how much abuse their forward-looking electric machines can take. So what are they doing to find out? Looking for police departments to beat the living snot out of them. In the past, the standard choice of a motorcycle for American police departments was a large, heavy machine. […]

Hey Officer, Look Into My Helmet When You Say That

Should a rider be legally able to videotape the incident when pulled over by law enforcement officers? That’s the question at issue as a result of a recent traffic stop by a Dallas County Sheriff’s Department officer which led to the officer being issued a 38-day suspension. The deputy stopped a motorcycle rider, supposedly without […]

Ladies Love A High Speed Motorcycle Chase Panties Used to Block Speed Cameras

A South African biker was arrested this week for what local police say is a first for them – using a pair of women’s panties in an attempt to avoid identification of his bike by speed cameras. They finally managed to pull the biker over and discovered that he’d used the panties to cover his […]