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Cover Up Your Bike This Winter For $35

You know you’re gonna spray paint some shit in your garage this winter. This motorcycle cover will keep you from pissing yourself off…

The Man Who Saved Harley Davidson – And Your Spine

Missourian Jim Schmig was on hand for one of the most important developments in motorcycling history. “I was cruising down St. Charles Rock Road around St. Louis one day in 1977, and I saw the most unusual Harley frame,” Schmig said. “I stopped at a bike shop, it was called Osborne’s. I asked the cat […]

Want To Thoroughly Test An Electric Motorcycle? Hand It Over the Coppers

Electric motorcycle manufacturer, Brammo Inc., wants to know how much abuse their forward-looking electric machines can take. So what are they doing to find out? Looking for police departments to beat the living snot out of them. In the past, the standard choice of a motorcycle for American police departments was a large, heavy machine. […]

Taking the Hemlock – Greek BMW Restoration

Greek dudes restoring BMWs and Enfields and Irish music. This appeals to me on so many levels… Source: via Whitey on Pinterest Related posts: Not That Sturgis, The One In Mississippi – BMW Restoration Specialist The Stuff You See Out Riding – 1956 Chrysler Imperial Restoration Werks in Louisville Builds Some Amazing […]

When Detroit Was Great – The End of American Henderson Motorcycles

In 1911 a pair of audacious brothers formed the American Henderson Motorcycle Co, 268 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Michigan. William G. Henderson and his brother, Tom W. Henderson, began a partnership which would lead the pair to create a series of elegant and powerful machines. With William acting as the designer and motorcycle aficiando and brother […]


There is nothing quite like a Triumph. There was a time, before the Japanese figured out how to essentially reverse-engineer the best British motorcycles and as Harley-Davidson had punched itself out and was up, wobbly, hanging on for dear life draped over the top rope, when there was simply nothing faster and more nimble than […]