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Category Archives: Electric Motorcycles

Want To Thoroughly Test An Electric Motorcycle? Hand It Over the Coppers

Electric motorcycle manufacturer, Brammo Inc., wants to know how much abuse their forward-looking electric machines can take. So what are they doing to find out? Looking for police departments to beat the living snot out of them. In the past, the standard choice of a motorcycle for American police departments was a large, heavy machine. […]

A Very Fast Electric Motorcycle Ride

Paul Thede now sits atop the pile of wannabes as “the fastest man in the world on an electric motorcycle.” Thede went over the top and broke the 200 mph mark (well past his previous record of 173.338 mph) at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The new record is now 206.080 mph, or at […]

An Electric Motorcycle With Wood-Veneer Cool – Bike Find of the Day

While it may not be, technically, a motorcycle, the M-1 ebike from Marrs Cycles looks old school and packs newfangled technology which might just make it a cool as a motorcycle. The company which makes this thing, founded by Kacy Marrs and his business partner, Brad Fanshaw, has a lineage traceable through the custom motorcycle […]

A BOLT of Electric Motorcycle Goodness

This is the BOLT, an electric-powered motorcycle from Springtime, an outfit hailing from the Netherlands, and it looks really, really fine. Sport without being precious, the BOLT may well be way forward in electric motorcycle design. Designer Niels Caris got hooked on motorcycles and immediately started eyeballing existing designs and seeking inspiration from other concept […]

Hop Along With the Frog Concept Electric Motorcycle

Frog, the design firm which made its bones back in the 1980’s creating slick, user-centric looks for Apple computer products, applied their vision to the the cases for the Apple IIc and the first versions of the Macintosh. But they didn’t stop back then and rest on their laurels. The company kept at it and […]

An Ugly Slab of Conceptual Motorcycle Strange

The nUCLEUS Concept Motorcycle The nUCLEUS takes motorcycle design and turns it into, well, nothing. Designers NONOBJECT envisioned this bike to essentially throw out the baby with the bathwater rather than take any inspiration from traditional motorcycles. When static, this motorcycle concept looks like a cover for some sort of electrical substation, but the designers […]