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1948 Parilla SS 250

1948 Parilla SS 250 The Parilla story begins in 1946 when Giovanni Parrilla decided to build a new prototype motorcycle similar to the Norton Manx. The Monoalbero (SOHC) did well enough on the track and Parrilla built more, improving on the design. A year later, it was decided to put this model into production. Related […]

Old School Square Off – Hot Rod vs Motorcycle

Old School Square Off – Car vs Motorcycle Related posts: An Old School Harley You Can Ride – Motorcycle Find of the Day So Cool, So Old School – The Yamaha Moegi Old School Head Protection Old School Dig this sled. Old, old school…

Apprentice For A Flop

Have a Coke and a Smile. This guy, the majordomo of B15 Rod and Custom, has achieved a perfection I once aspired to my own self, but now see as folly given my character traits. I am considering asking if he’ll take me on as an apprentice – if he’ll let me flop in the […]

Interior Monologue – When Cars Looked Good On The Inside

Photo by Todd Halterman,, Muskegon The American manufacturing economy did an about-face from production of war-related items to consumer goods at the end of World War II. By the end of the 1950s, fully one in six working Americans were employed either directly – or indirectly – in the automotive industry. More classic 40’s […]