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Category Archives: Cafe Racers

Ragged Edge Speed and Style – The Classic Board Track Racer

I have a deep and abiding attraction to the board track racer style of motorcycle. Stripped down revelations of what a motorcycle actually ‘is’ appeal to me on so many levels. And this one is sublime. A board tracker the way it should be. A bike which harkens back to the days when a divine […]

What The Distinguished Gentleman Will Be Riding This Year – Yamaha Triples Rule

Tim, a pal of the guys at Iron and Air, from Spirit of the Seventies  sure makes this suit and his XS 850 look good during The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride over the weekend. The Yamaha XS 850 was a moving machine, and Tim gives new meaning to the word “slick.”   Related posts: The Heritage […]

HST and His Ducati

That is the attitude of the New Age superbike freak, and I am one of them. On some days they are about the most fun you can have with your clothes on. The Vincent just killed you a lot faster than a superbike will. A fool couldn’t ride the Vincent Black Shadow more than once, […]

The Cutting Edge of Design From Pangea Speed Shop

The Artisans at Pangea Speed have created their Pangea Speed “SpeedMaster,” and it’s a custom bike with a slightly different flavor, if you will. The man responsible, builder Andy Carter, took a relatively pedestrian if cool 2008 Triumph Bonneville engine, and acting on the direction of the ultimate owner, Bret Walton, came up with something […]

Know Your Chopper

Some things are just funny. Watching a guy try to kick over a motorcycle – and failing – is right up there on my list. The first electric starter on a production motorcycle was fitted to the 1914 Indian Hendee Special, a 7 hp Twin, three- speed tank shift bike. The introduction of the Indian […]

Welcome To America – Norton Motorcycles Clears EPA Agony

Make no mistake, Norton Motorcycles has cleared a major hurdle with the announcement that their attempt to revive an iconic and beloved brand is now clear to invade American shores. And Norton Motorcycles Ltd CEO, Stuart Garner, had to be relieved to announce the news to the public that his machines can now reach the […]