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Bandit 9

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Taking the Hemlock – Greek BMW Restoration

Greek dudes restoring BMWs and Enfields and Irish music. This appeals to me on so many levels… Source: via Whitey on Pinterest Related posts: Not That Sturgis, The One In Mississippi – BMW Restoration Specialist The Stuff You See Out Riding – 1956 Chrysler Imperial Restoration Werks in Louisville Builds Some Amazing […]

BMW and Norton Streamlined!

I’m completely enamored with the look of a streamlined motorcycle. A little bit of artful bodywork, if it doesn’t interfere with the operation and function of the bike, can make it a thing of sublime beauty. The bike below, owned and likely modified by one Dave Cree, is a fine example of the breed. While […]

Photo Gallery From the Motorcycle Cannonball 2012

Motorcycle Cannonball 2012 – a coast to coast adventure. The run this year, in the interest of scenic beauty, was routed through my neck of the woods, the upper Midwest, and it was cool to see it come by at point-blank range. Many of the riders are justifiably nervous about the route they’re taking, so […]

Kings of the Road – Motorcycling As A Tactile Man-Machine Interface Event

Psychologist and researcher Bernt Spiegel, in his work for BMW, found that non-motorcyclists and neophyte riders usually share a fatalistic attitude. According to Spiegel, those groups see high speed riding as a kind of  “game of chicken or Russian roulette” and imagine that riders are engaged in a test of courage. The idea of  the […]

Horex. Big. German. Absurd.

The new Horex VR6 Roadster is a very large machine. Like the Triumph Rocket III before it, the bike aspires to take a place in the line of large, highway-ready machines which essentially began with the creation of the Honda Goldwing. And like the Goldwing, this bike, though considerably less plebeian, is expected to actually […]