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Used Motorcycle Sales Scams And How To Avoid Falling For Them

This week a man in Nashville, Tenn. was taken to the hoosegow after authorities caught him – and an accomplice – stealing several motorcycles from sellers who had advertised on Craigslist.  To further complicate matters, some of the buyers who bought the bikes from the thieves then resold the bikes. One Jerry Pinkerton finds himself […]

Testing Your F***ing Ignition And Other Useful Motorcycle Repair Tips You Cheap Ass JackLeg

One of the things I love most about the whole world of motorcycles is the completely over the top array of characters you meet on the road, around town, or hanging out working on or watching someone work on bikes. Working on motorcycles is an acquired skill which, given enough years standing over various basket […]

My Namesake Was One Slick Riding Lady – Sally Halterman

Sally Halterman, the first American woman issued a motorcycle license.   Photo by Harris Ewing, 1937 Related posts: Sally Halterman. Biker. The Things You See Out Riding – Cannonball Riding While Black The Story of Wild Bill Johnson and HD Incredible Harley 45 Flathead Custom by Josh Ewing Slim Builds All Kinds of Bikes And […]

The Motorcycle Pinup Girls

Pin Up Girls On Indian & Harley Motorcycle Classics   What is it about the WWII era pin up art, often found painted on the noses and bodies of WWII era airplanes. This is one style that seems to be holding up quite nicely after all these years and continue to be popular with motorcycle […]

A Cool Selection of Vintage Motorcycles

From inspiration, performance, design to brilliant engines. In the quest of motorcycle past, we are always likely to to find astonishing treasures which makes our life interesting. Bikes are not just portions of metal; they tend to hold stories & endeavors. In this post – we share along some of the vintage motorcycles that help […]

Sick Motorcycle Tank Engraving Related posts: Motorcycle Tank Art Gone But Not Forgotten – The Crocker Big Tank Motorcycle Dished raw metal vulcan motorcycle tank? Anyone like this look? From ASA and Bik… Futuristic custom motorcycle tank. Sublime. NORM GRABOWSKI’S CUSTOM CORVAIR | SICK-AS-HELL SIX-PACK ON 2 WHEELS