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Monthly Archives: October 2017


“When you’re in the shit up to your neck, there’s…

“When you’re in the shit up to your neck, there’s nothing left to do but sing.”

Samuel Beckett.


What a man does When all his blood, The blood he never passed on, Makes a thundering call Past history into his Final moments above The cool, brown Autumn turf He failed to water. Related posts: Josh Welton at Brown Dog Welding And This My Brother Is Art Truman Capote, Paris, 1947 Johnny 99 Highland […]

Tom Petty – American 

Well she was an American girl Raised on promises She couldn’t help thinkin’ that there Was a little more to life Somewhere else After all it was a great big world With lots of places to run to Yeah, an d if she had to die Tryin’ she had one little promise She was gonna […]


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Tom Petty