The Pulse Jet Motorcycle

The Robert Maddox Pulse Jet Motorcycle

Oh, it’s a motorcycle.

The work of madman and inventor Robert Maddox, this machine is at once art and accident waiting to happen.

Maddox may call it the World’s Fastest Bicycle, but I call horseshit on that naming convention.

Robert Maddox ROCKET PROPELLED Motorcycle

A pulse jet engine makes combustion occur – as you might imagine – in pulses. Pulsejet engines can be made with few or no moving parts.

A lightweight form of jet propulsion with a poor compression ratio, pulse detonation engines involve repeated detonations within the engine and they can potentially deliver high compression and greater efficiency. Russian inventor and artillery officer Nikolai Teleshov patented a pulse jet engine in 1864 and Swedish inventor Martin Wiberg is also claimed to have invented the first pulse jet, in Sweden.

The first working pulsejet? It was patented in 1906 by Russian engineer V.V. Karavodin who completed a working model in 1907. French inventor Georges Marconnet patented his valveless pulsejet engine in 1908, and Ramon Casanova patented his version of a pulsejet in Barcelona in 1917 after working on his project a total of four years. Engineer Paul Schmidt pioneered a more efficient design based on modification of the intake valves – sometimes referred to as flaps – and his efforts earned him government support from the German Air Ministry in 1933.

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