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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Robert Plant, NYC, 1970. 

Robert Plant, NYC, 1970. 

1967 Velocette MSS

Launched in 1935 as a 500cc sports version, MSS production was halted for World War II, but resumed in1954. The post-war MSS was a modern machine with the same frame as the Velocette MAC. Lots of buyers tuned the MSS for speed and the factory responded by producing the sports Velocette Venom model.

Burt Munro of The World’s Fastest Indian fame raced a heavily modified 1936 Velocette MSS. Munro made special pistons, changed the frame and increased engine capacity to 650 cc. He eventually hit a top speed of 138 mph and a 1/4 mile time of 12.31 seconds on his race-prepped MSS.

The Perfect Traveling Motorcycle Tool Kit From Cruz

This sucker will keep you going down the road in an emergency. And the soft case keeps it from rattling like hell in your bags. There’s also room to wrap some tape and zip ties inside. Dig it.

The Handbuilt Revolution – Hugh Owings

Hugh Owings had no idea the motorcycle he was building to finish out his college degree would launch a business. But as people saw what Owings crafted for his senior thesis at Appalachian State University, they reacted immediately. Owings documented his project online, and as he transformed the plain old Yamaha into a sleek new […]

A Cool Selection of

A Cool Selection of Vintage Motorcycles | MotoFotoStudio

Board track racer mo

Board track racer motofotostudio