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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Aktion T4 – Gnadentod

Charitable Foundation for Curative and Institutional Care “60,000 Reichsmark is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the People’s community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too. Read A New People, the monthly magazine of the Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP.” Related posts: Follow These Simple Tips To […]

Amelia Island 2014 Concours d’Elegance

This year’s theme at Amelia was “Orphan American Motorcycles,” homage to the numerous small American companies that were around before World War I.

'On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter'

Four decades after the release of its predecessor, “On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter” shows that the passion for riding motorcycles is as strong as ever.

Paul Simonon 


An Afternoon with Dave Ekins at the Forest Lawn Museum

Spend an afternoon with Motorcycle Hall-of-Famer Dave Ekins on Sunday, November 9, 2014 in Glendale California at the Forest Lawn Museum.

“Murderers!” – Peter Fechter

In 1962 and shortly after the partitioning, Peter Fechter attempted to flee from East Germany together with his friend Helmut Kulbeik over the Berlin Wall into the Kreuzberg district of West Berlin near Checkpoint Charlie. When both reached the wall, guards fired at them. Kulbeik succeeded. Fechter did not. He was shot in the pelvis […]