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last few days…

…in the shed have been pretty productive…..little bit of work on the shovel…going to use the old primo primary plate to form the basis for a partial enclosure… stop stones from dirt roads getting in there, i formed an alloy curved clutch cover up also.

…and i tacked together a new set of bars, bit higher, bit curvier….they have gone off to the bender to be copied in stainless…

….then i laid another section of ritchies tank on…..i totally stuffed up the first attempt and im having another go…used an old lace tablecloth i found at the tip…then put a couple coats of clear over….ill start to fade in some nice blue over it when i pick up some colour next week.

also, i got stuck back into the knuckle project for Joe…i started forming a 1 piece fuel / oil tank / seat section…..

ideas for a scallop section protruding on the tank….

… heres an idea for the left side to incorporate a finned oil tank below the fuel tank…gonna give this a try next week and see if it flies.