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Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Christmas Poem 2012 – Life’s What You Make It

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The Best Christmas Poem of All Time

You won’t find the Christmas place in a box sporting eight tiny reindeer wrapping paper though a close examination of the fingerprints on that paper will lead you down the proper path. Not in the twinkling lights on the neighbor’s lawn but perhaps in the basement of the power plant that drives all those twinkles […]

No Higher Calling – A Custom Moto Guzzi You Can Afford

Not sure what it is about this week, but it seems I’ve been obsessed with the idea of owning a Moto Guzzi. The V850 Eldorado is a massive looking motorcycle, and the big fenders – along with the iconic look of the classic Guzzi motor – make the machine art on wheels. While the transversely […]

Runnin Hard Four Hours on an Old Moto Guzzi

Chris Page riding. July 2nd 2011.
Team Guzzi Nerd…

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Bike Find of the Day – A Custom Moto Guzzi You Can Afford
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The Second Greatest Harley Joke of All Time – You Must Have Your Priorities In Order

Communication is the key to any relationship, and making communication happen in a mutually beneficial way is often more difficult than reaching the shared goal two parties may have in mind. When it comes to communication with your domestic partner, the equation is further complicated by a fundamental difference in the way people think. This […]

Back in the Day Riders Had Style – and Goggles

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