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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Knucklehead Ahoy – Motorcycle Find of the Day

Dar Holdsworth is the owner and operator Brass Balls Bobbers and Darwin Motorcycles, and his Navy F3 Rocketeer, based on one of his ‘kit’ machines, is one sweet ride. Built for the Rolling Thunder 25th anniversary in Washington DC, the Brass Ball Bobbers Rocketeer F3 became this US Navy tribute custom, and what a tribute […]

The Custom Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer Dreams Are Made Of

The Moto Guzzi engine is a beautiful thing to behold. For obvious reasons, this Italian motorcycle has become a favorite of custom and garage cafe builders. This example, by brilliant young Swede Adam Nestor, is an elemental and lovely example of the breed and typifies what makes the Guzzi such an excellent platform for a […]

Huge Bust Hauls in 33 Motorcycle Thieves in New York

New York Motorcycle Theft Ring – Gone in 30 Seconds A sophisticated gang of motorcycle thieves specialized in grabbing high-dollar motorcycles from some of the best neighborhoods in New York City, but their lucrative theft and smuggling scheme ended this week according to the authorities. The gang sent out “steal teams” in stolen minivans to […]

Quarter Million Dollar Dream – Motorcycle Find of the Day

What if you found Elvis Presley’s motorcycle in a crate in the back of your garage? Do you keep it? Pimp it on ebay? Get out the wrenches, assemble that sucker and take off looking for adventure and Barbara Stanwyck? Dan Maxey had that problem. Maxey found what is surely the only 1967 Honda 305 […]

An Electric Motorcycle With Wood-Veneer Cool – Bike Find of the Day

While it may not be, technically, a motorcycle, the M-1 ebike from Marrs Cycles looks old school and packs newfangled technology which might just make it a cool as a motorcycle. The company which makes this thing, founded by Kacy Marrs and his business partner, Brad Fanshaw, has a lineage traceable through the custom motorcycle […]

ABS And Motorcycle Stopping Power

Even if you’ve been riding a long time, the odds are that you’ve never ridden a motorcycle with an ABS braking system. Antilock braking systems (ABS) have been pretty much standard equipment on cars for a very long time. Because of those systems, you mo longer have to pump the brakes on slick, wet or […]