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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Take A Ride With the Fastest Man on the Mountain

Spend five minutes with one of the Isle of Man TT’s all-time greats. John McGuinness talks about how he runs the treacherous TT course and what’s going through his nimble mind – on the way to yet another victory. Hang on tight as you’re about to ride along with fastest ever man around the Isle […]

Tips From A Trusted Source On Living To Be An Old Motorcyclist

The weather’s perfect across the US and you’re out on the road every day, and as the miles pile up on the clock, now’s the time to consider some strategies you can use to get home safely at the end of the day. The researchers at Allstate Insurance say June is the start of the […]

Ride Fast and Take Chances How Harley Davidson Rolled the Dice and Won

There is nothing in the whole wide world like the Harley-Davidson brand. I know, you love your Classic Coke and your Nike golf balls and your Ed Hardy t-shirts, but do you really feel a connection to those items? An attachment you’d defend with your fists if anyone dared insult your choice of soda? You […]

Where the Rubber Meets the Road – 6 Motorcycle Tire Tips

Here are few of the most frequently asked questions about tires and a little help in assessing their condition – and how to know when they’re shot: 1. Why do you need new tires and what makes them better and safer? New tires, aside from the fact that they’ll have more tread of course, are […]

Is This The Worlds Most Beautiful Motorcycle

A one-of-a-kind motorcycle owned by famed racer Mike Avila can now be yours for the tidy sum of $95K.  The bagger deluxe is on display at Arlen Ness’s custom shop in Dublin, Calif., and one Arlen Ness sales jockey calls it “rolling art at its finest.” Hand-built and featuring hand-shaped metal construction and no visible welds, […]

If You Have 500 Bucks You Can Soon Buy A New Motorcycle – In India

Yamaha Motor Co Ltd builds 175,000 bikes a year. So what’s next for them? The company plans to up the ante on research and development  operations in India. At stake is their vision of designing the  lowest cost motorcycle in the market and shoring up their volume numbers in the fast-growing Indian domestic market. “Until […]