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Motorcycles Are the Coin of the Realm in Somalia

They’re priceless as far as we’re concerned, but in Somalia, motorcycles are literally the coin of the realm.

Which makes it conceivable, if you were able to come up with what is surely a cargo-ship-sized container of them, that you could walk into a Somali motorcycle dealership and pay for your new motorcycle with a pile of motorcycles.

The Federal Republic of Somalia issued a set of six, silver-plated, multi-colored coins shaped like motorcycles, and that makes me think Somalia is a wonderful and progressive place indeed.

Many of the designs are based on Harley-Davidsons – and a few other other popular motorcycles – and they were originally minted and released back in 2007.

So how much are they worth? Each one is marked with the denomination of one dollar. The coins are approximately 1.75 inches long  and 1 inch high, and they really are  legal tender, though they’re not in general circulation.

Since I really have no idea whatever what amount of goods and service can be purchased with a Somali dollar coin, I leave it to you to figure out what kind of value to place on these, the coolest set of coins ever minted…

If this is a must have item for you, you can buy a set of Somali Motorcycle Coins here for $50 US…  

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