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Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Florence Nightingale of Speed Freaks Nabbed Doing 193 MPH On His Motorcycle

His dedication to easing the suffering of others was admirable, but his ability to evade the coppers could certainly have used a little work. The Powers That Be are saying  a 28-year-old rider in upstate New York has been charged with steering his motorcycle at nearly 200 mph down the highway – through a driving […]

A Motorcyclist Gets a New Set of Dimples and Loses Some Teeth

What happens when a weekend hacker loses one offline – and the golf course is next to a roadway? Pain. Serious, disfiguring, shot-to-the-face pain. Over the years, I’ve had some painful encounters with various objects as I rode down the pavement. Birds to the chest. All manner of bugs in sizes up to XXXL. I […]

Do Something Positive For Your Fellow Riders and Sign This Petition

If you check us out once in awhile, you know our take on the heinous, unconstitutional practice that is the “motorcycle only checkpoint.” In a nutshell, the motorcycle only checkpoint is a road stop set up purely to harass motorcyclists under the thinly-veiled pretext of undertaking “safety” inspections by the authorities. Cagers get a pass, […]

You Too Can Fail at the Custom Chopper Game Saxon Motorcycles for Sale

If you haven’t noticed, expensive custom “choppers” are getting to be a pretty hard sell these days. Maybe you’re the genius who can turn around a failing motorcycle manufacturer and you want to take the reins as CEO of your own company. All you have to do is contact Mark Borodkin at, and presumably […]

Not One But Two Ferrari Motorcycles Sell at Auction

You know you want one. It’s the iconic motoring brand, red-hot and plucked from the dream state of childhood fantasies. The Ferrari. Any Ferrari. But you have  a problem, my friend, and it’s a big problem. The latest model from Maranello, the 458 Spider, will sell for a very dear MSRP of $257,000, and that’s […]

This Brother Is A Fighter and a Rider, Pray For Paul Williams and Stay Safe This Weekend

The trainer of Paul Williams says the boxer has been paralyzed from the waist down after being involved in a motorcycle crash in the Atlanta suburbs. George Peterson told The Associated Press that Williams is expected to have surgery Wednesday and has been listed in serious but stable condition on Monday at an undisclosed hospital. […]