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Monthly Archives: January 2012

A Saudi Arabian Custom Motorcycle Gem – The Firestarter

I like the idea that bike people modify machines to fit their tastes and needs. While I don’t have a problem with folks riding a stock machine, there’s just something about seeing a bike someone has lovingly mangled and managed with their own two hands that pulls me in to the story line. It’s one […]

No Way to Treat a Brother – Forbidden MC Member Convicted Of Killing Club President

Only a couple things are clear about the events that led to the death of Forbidden MC President, Roland Lagasse. Kevin Campbell was accused of killing him, and a jury of Campbell’s peers didn’t believe the story he told them about how it all happened. Campbell was convicted of murdering Lagasse during what he claimed […]

We Have A Winner In the Empire Covers Motorcycle Cover Contest

What, did you think we weren’t for real? Well, we are, and we’ve gone and done the deed. The winner of the Free Motorcycle Cover Contest is…drumroll please, Doctor: Nick Barrett! And there it was, something for nothing, my friends. My lovely wife selected the winner via her own secret methodology (which, without giving away […]

How the Honda CB 750 Changed the Motorcycle Manufacturing Game

Though now highly prized for their potential as re-imagined cafe racer machines, the venerable Honda CB 750 was – back in its infancy – the bike that changed the game. So how did it happen that the Japanese took over the worldwide motorcycle manufacturing industry? To a large extent, it came down to the creation […]

Riding Ten Up On A Custom Harley To Sturgis

Steve ‘Doc’ Hopkins on the smaller version of his Communal Rider Harley When Steve “Doc” Hopkins takes his bike out for a spin, he can count on moving nine of his best friend with him. How? He takes his custom-made, 10-seat amalgam of Harley Davidson history. The bike is 24-feet-long and features seven different engines, […]

The Monday Motorcycle Chain Links – The Best of the Motorcycle Internet

It’s Monday once again, and following a weekend hanging out at the shop here in Michigan, it’s time to get back to the pixilated work. About once a week we take the time to put together a page of our favorite stuff from the Motorcycling Internet. If you dig motorcycles with the mad love I […]