Warehouse? There, House…Indoor Motorcycle Racing

This really caught my attention. In the same way this kind of stuff grabs me.

A group of obviously deranged motorcyclists get together once a week for debauchery – and racing action – in an empty warehouse.

It may be on a tiny scale and the most outlandish top speeds are clearly not on display, but the riders say it’s  “an incredible experience to learn proper cornering, braking and general motorcycle operation techniques.”

Racing motorcycles in a warehouse. My kind of cheap thrills…

Hard to argue that point, they seem to be jockeying like the big boys…


Should you find yourself working for inside position in a warehouse, on a tiny motorcycle and trying to clip the apex in the turns, you, my friend, are going to need motorcycle insurance…

We’re here to help you find the right motorcycle insurance, whatever you ride…

Tips for buying your motorcycle insurance, coverage you need:

  • Collision to pay for damage caused to your vehicle in an accident with another vehicle or any stationary object.
  • Comprehensive to cover such things as fire, hail, wind, vandalism, hitting an animal, etc.
  • Towing / Pickup
  • Medical payment or personal injury protection to cover the medical bills resulting from an accident.
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist to protect us when the other driver is at-fault and does not have coverage or assets out of which your bills can be paid.

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