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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Leap of Faith – Snowmobile vs Motorcycle Jump Over San Diego Bay

Robbie Maddison and Levi Lavallee will be making history tonight during Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. Maddison and Lavallee will attempt to set new world records;  Maddison aims to jump his motorcycle close to 400 feet, and Lavallee will use a snowmobile for his end of the record breaking attempt. The pair have been […]

The 2011 Year End Motorcycle Chain Links – Happy New Year Bikers

It’s the last day of the Old Year, and by Jehovah, we have some massive things planned for the one to come.It will be yet another grotesquely bilious Happy Hour tonight and no dram of the cheapest whiskey will be safe from harm’s way. As I often do, I’ve put together a page of what […]

Why Can't Indian Motorcycles Get It Right, Dammit!

Another prospective Indian Motorcycle dealership has bitten the proverbial dust. Why is it that the best looking, once best performing and clearly the most historically awesome motorcycle company in the history of these United States can’t get it right? With everything – at least in a branding sense – going for them, the various owners […]

Motorcycle Twits Worth Following on Twitter

Motorcycle, of course.!/ToddHalterman We keep at it and try to give you a commercial-free motorcycle Twitting panorama… Edmunds!/@edmunds is a leading resource for motorcycle and car reviews, news and pricing, tweeting its deals on wheels. You can also interact with editor-in-chief @karlbrauer – ask him about his 100-mile daily commute! Top […]

Riding on Air

What makes a motorcycle a Motorcycle? Is it grease? Chains? Chrome? Well, if not those, then it must be gasoline and noise. But then again, how about one with no gearbox, no exhaust system and no gas tank? Design student Edwin Yi Yuan is one of the men behind what could be a work of […]

Warehouse? There, House…Indoor Motorcycle Racing

This really caught my attention. In the same way this kind of stuff grabs me. A group of obviously deranged motorcyclists get together once a week for debauchery – and racing action – in an empty warehouse. It may be on a tiny scale and the most outlandish top speeds are clearly not on display, […]