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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Motorcycle Helmet Law Debate Rages On – How Would You Fix The Issue?

Where do you stand on whether or not helmets should be mandatory for motorcyclists? Do you fall in the “I can decide for myself, thanks very much” camp? Are you firmly entrenched in the “you’ve got to wear a helmet and keep your brains off the public roads” gang? We’re unsure of where to stand […]

So Cool, So Old School – The Yamaha Moegi

Some bikes are just, beautiful, and I must admit this one has captured my imagination. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as old school as it gets when it comes to motorcycles. I like them large, comfortable and powerful. I like to go fast and I rarely worry about how much gas I’m using.

You Can Buy the Steve McQueen Great Escape Bike And Help Out A Charity

One of the most recognized motorcycle scenes in the history of the movies has inspired a bike created for the 2011 Great Escape 2 movie. Fifty RAF officers died in the backlash after the so-called “Great Escape” from the German prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft III in March 1944, and a bike created to […]

Motorcycle Camping – The Guide To Traveling Light and Rough on Your Bike

When I was a high-school kid without cash, I used to ride my Yamaha TX500 up north here in Michigan with nothing but a bed roll, a couple sheets of plastic, some rope and a duffle bag packed with a small cooking kit and nasty-looking clothes strapped on the bike for a camping weekend. Good […]

The Teutels Vs Jesse James – Bike Builder Cultures Clash

What makes a “custom motorcycle” a Custom Motorcycle? There are those who say a truly “custom motorcycle” requires that the builder re-imagine and create – from scratch – a machine like none other seen in the world before it, and those who say adding crucial touches and ideas to a bike qualifies as well. The […]

The S&S Bailout Keeps A Half Century of Motorcycle Manufacturing Tradition Alive

S&S Cycle owner, George B. Smith, and company president Steve Iggens knew their firm was in dire straits. S&S Cycle makes motorcycle engines and parts and was founded in 1958 by George J. Smith and Stanley Stankos in Blue Island, Illinois. The company started out selling high performance pushrods for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. “We were in […]